I work on both stage and page, and have performed my poetry at festivals, theatres, pubs and pavements around England, North America and Japan.  You can read, listen to and watch some of my poems and pongs by clicking on the tabs at the top of this page.  


In Print and on Disc

I published my first volume of poetry, Verbatim, in June 2003, releasing a second edition the following year.  I have also had poems and short stories published in a number of compilations and magazines, including: And This (Young Woodchester), More Words in Edgeways (The Cromwell Press), Kansai Time Out, Pedestrian Poetry (Streets Alive!), Fusebox(Rattapallax), The Hole Magazine, City: Bristol in Poems and Pictures. (Paralalia), and The Daily Exploit.  In September 2006, I released my first solo poetry CD A Metal Plate in A Microwave.   My second solo poetry CD is Ghoti and Other Fauna.  Both are available for £6 per CD + 50p postage and packaging. E-mail me to buy a copy.


Yaffle (Helen Johnson and Benita Johnson) have an EP,  Howling at the Moon. Please e-mail me, if you'd like to purchase a copy of this for £5 + 50p postage and packaging. 


I have performed my work ...

at bars, arts centres, theatres, parks and pavements in the U.K.: Oxford Playhouse; The Phoenix Arts Centre, Exeter; The Mitre for Oxford Poetry Weekend; Richmond Park, London; The Folk House, Bristol; Rada Foyer Bar, London for Farrago; Queens Square, Bristol for Refugee Week; The Arnolfini, Bristol; The Thunderbolt, Bristol; Star Anise Café, Stroud; Bristol College Project for Bristol Biennial.

at festivals: Cheltenham Festival of Literature; Cheltenham Science Festival; Bath Fringe Festival; Ashton Court Festival, Bristol; Ladyfest, Bristol; Glastonbury Festival; Latitude; Wychwood Festival; Larmer Tree Festival; Elderflower Fields.

on the radio: BBC Radio4; Radio Bristol; Commonwealth FM, Bristol; Ujima FM, Bristol; Stroud FM.

abroad: Café Calibre, Osaka; Mukugowa Festival, Osaka; Cornelia Street Café, New York; Galapagos, New York; Young Chicago Authors, Chicago; Heartland Café, Chicago; Vancouver Poetry Slam; Thundering Word Heard, Vancouver.

on the web: the Poetry&Words Youtube site; The U.K. Poetry Podcast site; Milly Chowles' Bards and Beats documentary.


Glastonbury Poetry Diaries

In 2010 I was commissioned, by BBC Radio Four to write a short poetry-play set at Glastonbury Festival.  The play was co-written by myself and Pete Hunter and also features work by top poets Andreattah Chuma, Hollie McNish and Dreadlockalien.  As if that wasn't enough, you can hear some fine West Country musings on the many manifestations of mud by Bristolian Paul Vallis!  Glastonbury Poetry Diaries has been aired several times on BBC Radio Four and you can read more about it here.


Please E-mail me to buy a copy of my latest solo poetry CD, Ghoti and Other Fauna or to order a copy of Yaffle's EP, Howling at the Moon.